The Voyager Caged; Assamite


A Middle Eastern man in his late 20s with a sparse, curly beard, a long thin face and luminous dark-brown eyes, though most visitors previously unacquainted with ancient Assamites notice his shiny coal-black skin first and foremost. Although his rooms are beautifully festooned with costumes from the world over, he generally wears simple traditional Arab men’s garb, occasionally livening it up with jewelry — which might be anything from a Ptolemaic beadwork to a green plastic ring fished out of a bubble gum machine.

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Born in Aila near the Red Sea, circa 1000. He refuses the marriage arranged by her father, who banished him. He became the apprentice of an astrologer to 19. It grows a lot of doors, a Vizier decided to take under his wing and taught him Golconda. He travels with his sire, then alone, and refuses to serve his clan, and Islam. He became a member of the Unknown. He made ​​a pact knowingly, and partly because the devil is supposed to have seen the beginning of the world. Abdalkutka considers, moreover, with pity, because he knows he is a prisoner of a pact absurd. He discussed with him than with anyone else. It is cold with total Pentweret: he suggested to break the covenant, and to Professor Pentweret played by testing usual, while Abdalkutka came seek care. In the Unknown, Abdalkutka is seen as a dilettante. We know that sometimes plays with the elders of young vampires in order to act for him. The demon threw him on the impacts that could occur if it breaks the covenant. Abdalkutba has a collection of instruments and curiosities worthy of the best private practice of the eighteenth century. (Stuffed animals, astronomical instruments etc …)


Lair of the Hidden insatyrical