The Eternal Childe; Tzimisce



A less than perfect specimen when Embraced (that is, middle-aged and slightly paunchy), Anastazi has since used his powers of Vicissitude to remold himself into his idea of a paragon of masculine beauty — rather akin to Michelangelo’s David. Between that and his use of Presence, he’s enough to cause a Toreador to gape. He retains his original complexion, wavy medium-brown hair and hazel eyes, and dressed beautifully to match, often in Romanian folk costume or Western suits of old-fashioned cut. Unfortunately, his fellows in the castle seem immune to his charms.


former steward of Danika, it not hidden that he wanted the Kiss. When she leaves, she leaves, the youngest son among 4. His three brothers torment him, want to order it. When Danika returns, she is forced to return to defend the castle he fled. He opposed it, arguing that it is not for this … She still remembers it. Moreover, during the battle, his cowardice results in the death of Rothriel, that no one knows. He made ​​a pact because others have done it more powerful. It has the elbow room in the castle, as long it does not exceed the limits set by Danika, he hates. It does not Golconda, which amazes the other 11, who look with disdain, as a servant …. Or are all honey with it, because it is only through his mouth speaks the devil. Anastazi Zamra talk sometimes, it even pariah. He tried to seduce DREN (which almost break the pact, given his reaction!), And loves Mahtiel … he asked the devil to push in his arms, he tries by projecting images of erotic dreams Anastazi in the safe. It is the only one to have electricity to the castle. He loves gadgets technology, same useless. It prefers to feed on beautiful girls.

Theme song


Lair of the Hidden insatyrical