The Toad; Nosferatu


The regent named Bufo well. He does look remarkably toad-like, with huge eyes and webbed hands and feet bearing claws at the tips. He can climb any wall of the castle, inside or out, with just his fingers and toes. He goes about damp most nights, as he sleeps deep within one of the castle’s half-flooded cellars. He wears no clothes, but portions of him, particularly his warty back, are encrusted with moss.

Theme song


Son a merchant Saxon Ulrich is removed from the family heritage by his stepmother at the age of 9 years: it gives the Church. He is humiliated, but withdrew from humility, as more young novice. Hated by his peers, he was appointed to go to charity …. actually not that unpleasant job, girls begin to offer himself to him when he at the age in return for his gifts of money … and in addition it keeps the extra money and put aside. One night he was attacked by one of these girls, and his accomplice Nosferatu, which left him there after giving him the kiss. Ulrich disappears, trying to survive, but draws attention to the Tremere who captured after a hunt for three months. They are a subject of experience. When Danika takes Hunedoara, Bufo place it under his protection, and ensure their loyalty. At this point he does not know about, fell mentally, does not remember anything. The devilry of Vanth allows him to restore order in his psyche. Since then, he still claims to be a moron, that Danika left alone. It often takes the appearance of others and interacts with 12, learning a lot about what they think of him. No one speaks when he is Bufo. In any case, it is not responding. Anastazi is considered for a dog, DREN is afraid of him because of hunting Vanth. Demetrius is trying to talk to him … Bufo fears that he may know …. as Hill. Abdalkutba one really knows the truth. The devil allows him to see the dreams of 12 other, which he loves. It is the slave, the larva is able to speak forcefully in Slavic and Latin …. Ulrich and it is also full of desire to hate and fear. It became one of the 12 Signers in the seventeenth century, after diablerisé Vanth


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