The Bitter-Ender; Ventrue


Cret stands 5’6" tall. He has a narrow face with a sharp chin but full lips. Cret wears his dark, straight hair pulled back, though a few locks tend to come loose and fall forward. He updates his clothing about once a century. Currently he wears black suits with white dress shirts and gold cufflinks. If it weren’t for his shoulder length hair, he’d look like a natty 1930s boulevardier.
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retheus Corinth travel for 9 years in Egypt, and Persia. He heard about a contest Echtebane: it gains its sense and intelligence. Mithras has its price, makes his vizier. He served for 600 years, but tired. It even helps to develop his Sire Mithraism in Rome. But when plunged in torpor Mithras in Britain, Cret must maintain the cult … it does not. It is in torpor when Constantine imposed Christianity (there is about 10 years). When he awoke, he did not care that and continued his esoteric research. He hears of Golconda, seeks Saulot for 9 years. He became his disciple. He sleeps in writing the words of Saulot, discussions with the disciples. He became a master, even if it did not reach even the mystical state, and continues its work after the death of Saulot. When he meets Mokur, it becomes his mentor. He became a student, but also a guardian of Mokur, filtering those wanting access to his person. He becomes the guardian of an informal school, and a guide for those referring to his written works on the words of Saulot and Mokur. Cret organizes a network of contacts dispersing the idea of Golconda … the rest is history. He made ​​a pact knowingly, since he relied on the creature. He is sure of his superiority and his action. He has been trying to stay above the rest … it worked a week, no more! Since then, he writes, and tries to find the mystically Antediluvians and their minions to destroy them. He is troubled because he knows that Mithras is gone, but that was not destroyed. It is able to use any of its disciplines anywhere in the world by ritual. He continues to have contact with the followers of Mithras. He made ​​a pact with the devil for knowledge: he wants to talk with God face to face. This being impossible, the devil gave him a palliative interesting … divide by 2 the search time for rituals. His greatest fault is his ego. He will never admit he’s wrong even if it means falling into the utter bad faith. Saulot told him … but since the master is gone, he considers it necessary that someone continues its work. Cret wrote the Analects of Saulot and the Analects of Mokur. Cret can not feed on intelligent people. Danika has found a herd of students, it sponsors. He invites them once and then links them with a ritual that allows it to feed on them remotely. They are then in a euphoric state close to the Kiss. The problem is that this ritual requires two to make a Blood.


Lair of the Hidden insatyrical