Danika Ruthven

Mistress of Hunedoara; Tzimisce


Danika is tall, lean, and proud. While she behaves most generously to her guests, her carriage and bearing are unapologetically imperious. She makes no effort to disguise her accent or her age. She dresses in gowns of simple cut but exquisite fabric, recalling the early Renaissance: rust browns, earth greens, dove grays, often with yards of slightly tattered lace or beading. These fine garments don’t do much to soften her severely regal face or her arch expressions.

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Date Kiss approximate. At the age of 10, she is given Danck by his parents at the time Dace. He is educated, she sees only once a year. When the time comes, it is led to Danck that binds to the blood and made ​​her a vampire. It becomes more than Koldun shapeshifter, gifted, able to lead a field. When Danck dies, she allegiance to his murderers without remorse, and retains its properties. With the arrival of the Romans Ventrue, it has power, and preserves. [Lair of the Hidden (2430) p78-81] Old priestess. She sees the world Tzimisce collapse: the fight against the Tremere, rebellious youth, the old battle between them, voluntary withdrawals in torpor of many. She then left to manage Anastazi Ladislav Hunedoara Castle, and went in search of answers, to foreign lands. It rejects the principles of the Camarilla in the west, and returns to the East. Countries in Bavaria, she supports the continuation of a warrior safe, Rothriel by the Tremere. It helps, he does not see the beast …. it becomes his guide. She made ​​a pact with the knowledge that this was risky, and wanted to protect his guests. She regrets for having been influenced by Cret. It continues to be a good hostess. The daemon for it protects the county of Hunedoara.

Danika Ruthven

Lair of the Hidden insatyrical