Demetrius Antioch

The Golcondite; Malkavian


A kindly, affable, stooped old man. Demetrius has white hair that falls in tangled curls to his shoulders, a scruffy white beard, deep brown eyes, and a continually bemused expression. He wears the same style of long, short-sleeved tunic and mantle he wore during his life, and staps his knobbly feet into sandals year round. Around his neck he wears a silver pendant that bears familiar symbols.

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He was an itinerant scholar, and at age 62, he realized he had only scratched the body of knowledge he wanted. Her sire gave him the kiss that he continues his quest. He seeks enlightenment in all religions before finding what he really seeks to Saulos. He is convinced he made ​​a pact for the good of all and believes that others are sincere. He believes they have reached Golconda, despite what others tell him. It is always in good spirits and is the only one still talking Zamr. He forgives and forgets quickly insults. He is the master of the order Aenigmatis, Malkavian order of Enlightenment, and is a guide for many people seeking Golconda, known as ‘Lord of the Crows’. His only problem is that it does not support a student approach that the state itself, in fact, has not reached. He then turns away from him, or even error. The Devil has removed his frenzies, and erases the memory of his meals.

Demetrius Antioch

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