The Charnel-Maid; Cappadocian


A fine boned, dignified young woman with blonde, curly hair (of a shade slightly too brassy to be natural) arranged in exquisite ringlets around a simple diadem. She wears diaphanous dresses that recall Greek and Roman draping. Her voice and movements are all quite convincingly feminine, and those who have no close prior experience with female impersonators tend to be fooled completely. On the rare occasions when she hasn’t had a chance to make herself up, the tight, shiny corpse-pale skin that is her clan heritage is far more apparent.

Theme song


Young man of 15 years, he has violated two months before the decision of her arranged marriage. He gets married anyway, is unable to meet his wife. By shame and anger, he gives a priestess of Cybele, a castrato, and became an also castrated. His Majesty remarked at the time. Dren is disturbed by what it is. When the cult of Cybele disappears, she wanders, seeking an answer to his suffering, but not to death, she understands. Ercyies old priestess, she met at a temple Safe came for an excerpt from the book of Nod. It copies the passage you want, and is impressed with the concept of Golconda described. The way it looks, and a disciple of Saulos … it falls on Demetrius, accompanied Mathiel, and decides to follow them, and became a disciple of Mokur. She made ​​a pact, but think the price is higher than expected. She may have accepted a desire for self-destruction. DREN and Danika continue to be close, despite the lack of understanding why Drenas she continues to serve Cret? His relationship with Pentweret is strange: it was burned to its games, and since it defies the most because it is abandoned there without surprise, that amazes me. She hates Anastazi and prepares always revenge against Giovanni. In a pact with the devil, she got to live all that saw the victim sacrificed even his torment in the hereafter, and that during the night following the sacrifice, in a dream.


Lair of the Hidden insatyrical