The Wounded Doctor; Brujah


A rather avuncular-looking man in late middle age, with Semitic features, black eyes and a grap-peppered curly black beard that he usually dresses in neat curls after his mortal culture’s custom. The procurer buys him outfits from all over the world; they’re usually loose shirts over loose trousers, with leather sandals, but almost anything simple and comfortable will do. Occasionally he wears Arabic men’s robes.


Born in Tyre to -1600, it is dedicated to medicine at an early age. He received the kiss after saving a close to his sire, on which he had been drinking. It is not his new status, falls voluntarily torpor. Sire abandons her, we know that falls into the clutches of the beast later. Shalmat the meeting shortly after the founding of Carthage. Eshmunamash follows. He sees the arrival of other clans, opposes the creation of cults of blood, protested to Troil when children are killed in such large numbers. Troil promises, but does nothing. And his relatives whisper things about her lover wants to know … Eshmunamash. He goes to Troil, is shocked by what he sees, and leaves Carthage. It even helps Camille, while attempting to preserve the city. He continues his quest and encounter Saulot then combined in Crete and goes to Hunedoara. He respects the choice of Cret to invoke the devil, and finally concludes that it is wrong, the first year. Her humanity down, he spends time in torpor …. he keeps a fierce hatred toward Cret, the traitor. The pact with the devil allows him to spend a week of 4 mind foggy, calm, acting as normal. In this state he plunges after each renewal of the pact. Saulot He knew, was his friend. On the death of his guide, he seeks Cret because he knows Saulot repository of writings


Lair of the Hidden insatyrical