Warrior in Search of a War; Ventrue


Hill stands 5’9" tall and has an athletic build, with just a hint of pauch. His short-cut red hair turns gray at his temples, and his Embrace caught him in an early stage of male pattern baldness. Since his sire tries to keep up with mortal fashion, Hill chooses anachronistic dress, from the uniform of a Renaissance landsknecht to barbaric skins and furs (which he never actually wore in life).


a soldier is Hilderic Ostrogoth , auxiliary, mounted to the rank of centurion. Cret chose as an aid to the cult of Mithras, in order to have more time to his research mystics. Hilderic was the youngest Mithraic Father, and rare intelligence. It serves as a ghoul for ten years, then as a vampire. In the fall of Mithraism, Cret made ​​him his disciple in witchcraft. Cret exchange of apprentices with other teachers. Thus Hill participates in the final stages of designing the Path of Awakening Steel of Assamites. It is separated from his master when he became a disciple of Saulos: for him the unknown is too inactive. He tries for 200 years to counter the dark ages, to no avail. He joined the unknown after the massacres of the Crusades. He made ​​a pact with the knowledge that there was no other choice, and Cret defended for 150 years. But tired of the arrogance of his sire, he began to hate him in proportions difficult to imagine. He takes care of tracking the Tremere with external minions, and also destroys what he thinks of Antediluvians pawns. And of course, he opposed Cret by any means possible, while remaining within the limits imposed by the pact. The devil gives him one of the rituals Cret every 50 years, Hill wanted to surpass his sire. Moreover, he knows every creature that invoke invoke Cret knows, except the most powerful minds. The paradox is that their relationship never Cret has tried to dominate or humiliate Hill … and take it very badly that his sire is put in default, or blatantly humiliating, even if his dream. Eager for everything related to the tactical Military and strategy.


Lair of the Hidden insatyrical