The Sleeper; Salubri


Mahtiel is slightly over average height for a woman, lean and muscular. Her honey brown hair is cropped short about her shoulders, and her face betrays a deep, inner loneliness. When awake, she wears men’s clothing: leggings, a tunic and a quilted gambeson from a time past. She also has full armor in her room should she need it. She often wears a blessed sword given to her by her sire. Unless using her powers of Valeren, her third eye is little more than an odd scar on her forehead.


She remembers was a prize of war, slave of Rome. She was angry, killed a man, was sentenced to the arena. She was an Amazon, and survived! Injured in a fight next, she is taken by Ezrael who buys. He made ​​her his disciple, and his daughter. She meets Kiss Rothriel before and after, and finally during his initiation into the blood. They fall in love with each other. On the death of Saulot, warriors are divided: the fallen angels want to drive the Tremere. Mahtiel do not reach for love Rothriel, which opposes it. The warrior, tired, wants peace. He proposes to seek Golconda, she believes she will lose it. She leaves, and when he returns, he is gone. She wanders, luckily escapes the Tremere. She turns against them, hears the call of Rothriel, hears his death, and arrives too late in Hunedoara. She left, seeks his own for 3 years, and finds a warrior, not a healer. Demetrius convinced her to return to Hunedoara. It accepts the reception of Danika, and the pact. She has been in torpor, except for the ritual. She wanders mentally, sometimes seen crying his astral form, and go after those who bother. Note that it can leave the castle in this form. The devil gave him the illusion that dream is alive Rothriel. Each clock is a torture, a return to reality. She does not know qu’Anastazi is partly responsible for the death of Rothriel … she would kill him, pact or not, if she had to learn it. She still has an urn of ashes Rothriel.

Theme song


Lair of the Hidden insatyrical