Jared Nomak

Information Broker


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Jared Nomak was born in 1975 to Lisa and Patrick Nomak in the bustling city of New York. Lisa and Patrick were immigrants from Ireland that arrived in New York in 1953. Raised in poverty in the streets of Queens, Jared quickly learned to make his way on his own selling and dealing everything from stolen cars to illegally modified guns and weaponry to the Mob. Working his way from the bottom, Jared became one of the most valuable bookies for the Mafia. In 1999 Jared became involved with a Woman named Alice who convinced him to withdraw from the Mob, all the while Jared was falling for her spell, never realizing that he had never seen his new girlfriend in the day time or why everyone just seemed to do everything she said. Jared woke up one night able to see through the eyes of the beast. He had become horribly deformed, his hair had fallen out, his ears elongated and his skin gone white. Had she done this to him? Over the last decade Jared has become the number one information broker within the network of Kindred world wide. Based solely on his search for Alice he has accumulated a large amount of money selling the deepest secrets of the Kindred and the Mob alike. All waiting patiently to extract his vengeance of his former love and his now greatest enemy.

Jared Nomak

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