The Tester Found Wanting; Follower of Set


Pentweret  sethite  02
Pentweret is a small, middle-aged man with a shaved head. His skin remains dark despite two millenia of undeath. He customarily fresses in a simple robe of black linen. Pentweret carries the twist-topped rod of an Egyptian priest and wears a variety of small amulets, all tools for his sorcery.


Ptolemaic Officer, he rounding his income with spells, charms and other sorceries. It is located, spent 20 years as a ghoul Setit, teaches the philosophy of the clan, and became a vampire. It gets tired after a few hundred years Setit mysteries, deceptions. He tries to preach the philosophy Setit in Christian environment. Two months later, the temple is destroyed, it must hide. Saulot finds out, and finds this will illuminate the crowds attractive. He explains that the change must be slow, and also that the Setit are hated. Nauseated, Pentweret decided to try to reach Golconda, in many points similar to the Philosopy Setit. This state still eludes him. He made ​​a pact and expected would happen … He saw this as a test of his colleagues. He is sick of their downfall against the pact. The devil tried to seduce him, like the others, but he rejected. He now knows that all negotiated, because the devil told him, despite his refusal. It is to the point where he wants to leave the pact, the Unknown, the castle, and too bad for others. Is an opponent of rhetoric Cret, with whom discussions are contentious


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