The Gadfly; Lasombra


Zamra Matoub’s skin retains the darkness of her Berber heritage despite her undeath. She has long, straight black hair, black eyes, gracefully arched brows and a no0nonsense set to her mouth. She stands a slender five feet tall butu seems larger even when you look down on her. Zamra wears Berber garb with few ornaments, and her confident bearing makes the plain brown cloth look stylish.

Theme song


In Algiers, Lasombra Gratiano gathers and shows the need to give the kiss of aristocrats, educated. All approved except Nahir, who says in one month to find a prince among the poor. It is Zamra Matrab, widow, who faces marriage proposals and intimidation of people wanting his inn. Nahir gives him the kiss and then orders him to kill his own children, to cut its ties with mortals. She said yes, before throwing him to figure an oil lamp. The following year he found, already powerful through his blood and his abilities. In 1196, she became a Prince. Nahir capture, torture for 5 h in remembrance of what she did, then congratulations. She then pushes the anarchists who want diableriser in the revolts, and search the unknown to turn away from the beast. And she is aware of the threat Tremere, too late. She reluctantly come to terms, and even claims that Cret forced his hand. Since then, she goes to openly doubt Golconda and his comrades in Hunedoara. She is hated by all, but they use his family, it controls a ritual. Cret accused of being the cause of their inability to reach Golconda. Note that it commands a hundred family members, some have received the kiss, the two sects, and at least six clans. In addition, the demon was immunized against alienation, Domination and Presence. It is now ready to do anything against the other. Only fear of the devil stops.


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