Lair of the Hidden

An Introduction

Through the mists, within the valley..

Everyone, seeing as we can’t really get together we can always discuss character ideas over this site. I’m not focusing on the technicalities of the system for character creation, as this game is going to be heavily focused on roleplay, mystery, intrigue, and most importantly: horror.

I would like everyone to concentrate on how your character was as a mortal, and how the embrace completely shattered your perspective on life.

This chronicle is going to take everyone to a castle where 12 of the most powerful vampires in the world live.. and whether you like it or not, everyone is going to be pulled into their twisted schemes and politics, but with a lot of potential to gain extreme power yourself.

Everyone in the player group are fairly young vampires, known as neonates.. that way everyone will learn together. Learning what it truly means to be a Vampire, the struggle with the inner beast, maintaining your humanity, and of course, your sanity..



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